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  Hsuta Lin, Chair: Professor. Anthropology Ph.D., Princeton University, 2005

His specialties include east asian studies, colonialism and postcolonialism, social sufferings, interpretive anthropology, and contemporary reflections of ethnographic reproduction.


Chi, Chun-Chieh: Professor. Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo, USA. Research Interests: ethnic relations, environmental sociology, social movements, sociology of development



Yi-tze Lee: Assistant professor. Ph.D. in Anthropology, University of Pittsburgh, 2012

Research Interests: Indigenous community, environmental humanities, STS, applied anthropology, affective labor, moral economy, media and cultural performance, Amis.

Tien-Tai Wu: Professor. Ph.D., Ohio State University, U.S.A.

Research Interests: cultural anthropology, anthropology of education, indigenous education, gender 

and culture

Jolan Hsieh: Professor. Arizona State University - Main Campus. Ph.D in Justice Studies (Interdisciplinary Program in Law and Social Science)。

Research interests:justice theories, law and society, human rights, gender/ethnic/class studies, collective identity and social movement, indigenous peoples' traditional knowledge and intellectual property rights, pingpu / siraya studies, critical race and legal studies, social science research theories and methodologies, and environmental justice.

Joyce Hsiu-yen Yeh: Associate Professor. Sociology PhD, Lancaster University, UK.

Her research and fieldwork have concentrated on sociology of tourism, cultural performances and ethnic studies. Her current research interests include youth mobility, cultural industries, cross-cultural consumption, material culture of tourism, and indigenous festival and food studies.

 Yuh-jen Lu: Associate professor. Ph.D., Department of Performance Studies, New York University.

Research Interests: performance and culture studies, postcolonial discourse and diaspora studies, Euro-American aesthetics, dance sociology and historiography, critical writings in performance, movement analyses, and urban ethnography. She was the recipient of the Cynthia Jean Cohen Bull Memorial Award in 2002 for her PhD dissertation, Wrestling with the Angels: Choreographing Chinese Diaspora in the United States (1930s-1990s).

P. Kerim Friedman: Associate professor. Temple University Anthropology.

Research Interests: language policy, langauge and political economy, ethnographic film, new media, class and ethnic relations, Taiwan aborigines.

Shu-chuan Lai: Associate Professor. Ph.D. in Sociology, Mississippi State University, 2002.

Research Interests: racial/ethnic relations, social differences and inequality (studies of gender, ethnic and class), sociology of family; research methods for social science.

Su-chen Lin: Associate Professor. Ph.D., Department of History, National Cheng Kung University.

Research Interests: history of Taiwan under Japanese colonial rule, history of aborigines in Japanese colonial rule, society and culture of Taiwanese aborigines, religious history of Taiwanese aborigines, ethic relations history of Taiwan, tribal history methodology, Taiwanese history.

  • Chen-Hsin Lo : Professor. Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1996.

    Research interests: cultural anthropology, anthropology of the body, anthropology of religion, medical anthropology, ritual studies, fieldwork.

   巴奈‧母路 Panay Mulu 助理教授 (福建師範大學音樂學博士)

Chao-Ying Lee: Associate professor, PhD in History of Art, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.

Research Interests: Aboriginal Iconography, Art Theory and Criticism, Visual Culture Theory, Ethnic Art Studies, Art Sociology, Museum Studies, Cultural Heritage, European Art History, Sino-French Art and Culture Exchange History of the Eighteenth Century.



Professor Emeritus  Chiao, Chien
University Professor Emeritus,Founding Director of the Institute of Ethnic Relations and Cultures,Ph.D. in Anthropology, Cornell University.
Special Interests: Cultural Anthropology, Social Structure and Political Behaviors, Religion and Ritual, Cultural Counseling. Ethnic Groups studies: Puyuma (Taiwan), Navajo People (USA), Yao, Huedong Fishermen, Yuehu in Sanxi (China).